Groping for Truth


2018 - author, "Groping for Truth, My Uphill Struggle for Respect", published by OC Publishing.


Paperback ISBN  9781775275688

eBook ISBN  9781775275695 

Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo, The Bookshelf, Kobo, Apple Bookstore, and other major outlets.

Colour Design, 2nd edition


 2017 - co-author, “Colour Design, theories and applications, 2nd edition”, published by Elsevier and edited by Janet West.

eBook ISBN 9780081018897

Hardcover ISBN 9780081012703

Available for Elsevier, Amazon, ScienceDirect, The Textile Institute, and other major outlets. 

Color and Design, MaRC


2017 - author, educational module on “Color and Design” for the The Shop! MaRC Program, the retail environment industry’s only globally recognized credential that keeps retail individuals current on retail environments and experiences. 

Available online through Morgan International 

Colour Design, 1st edition


2012 - co-author, “Colour Design, theories and applications, 1st edition”, published by Woodhead Publishing and edited by Janet West.

eBook ISBN 9780857095534

Hardcover ISBN 9781845699727

Paperback ISBN 9780081016480

Available from Elsevier, Amazon, and other major outlets.

Badang L'invincible


1991 - translator, from French to Arabic of a book for children called Badang l'Invincible (Les Contes du griot), 1977, authored by Claude Duboux-Buquet. The Arabic title is (قصص من العالم 2 ) and is registered at Damascus' Assad Library.

ISBN ط ح د ي ق 808.83

The beginnings


My attraction to writing started during my teen years in Syria. 

The cultural shock was so massive, I confided myself in a diary to debate and try to understand the troubles and riddles of my miserable life.